July 16, 2012

É óbvio

Numa entrevista para a WWLTV, Presidente Obama expressou a sua opinião sobre a continuada oposição da igreja católica a nova lei de sistema de saúde nos USA.

"OBAMA: (...). Well it’s absolutely true that religious liberty is critical. I mean that’s what our country was founded on. That’s the reason why we exempted churches, we exempted religious institutions, but we did say that big Catholic hospitals or universities who employ a lot of non-Catholics and who receive a lot of federal money, that for them to be in a position to say to a woman who works there you can’t get that from your insurance company even though the institution isn’t paying for it, that that crosses the line where that woman, she suddenly is gonna have to bear the burden and the cost of that. And that’s not fair."

Qual é a parte que os católicos Americanos (e alguns Portugueses) não entendem?

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